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Sapphire Studios

Creativity takes courage

What we do?

Commission done by Sapphire Studios Minecraft build team

Sapphire Studios is a leading Minecraft build team working with big multiplayer servers to create immersive builds and maps. We work closely together to collaborate our ideas to the client. Keeping the players in best interest we deliver high quality products at your convenience.

Sapphire studios marketplace map

We aim to educate our youth with one to one scale recreations of humanity's greatest feats. Using Minecraft as our creative medium we create 3D interactive content packed with compelling storytelling to give new perspectives.

Minecraft marketplace map done by sapphire studios

Sapphire Studios is a 3rd party development company working with Minecraft to create DLC for the Minecraft marketplace. We develop skins, maps, minigames, and texture packs for all ages to enjoy. Our content is available across all platforms Minecraft is available on. Windows 10, Xbox One, Mobil, and Nintendo Switch.

Minecraft marketplace skin sapphire studios
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Official Minecraft Partner Sapphire Studios

Sapphire Studios is an official Minecraft partner. Creating DLC for the marketplace.

Our leading projects

Minecraft marketplace Sapphire Studios
Habitat 9

Years in the future, when Earth is no longer the planet as we know it now, it's decided that the best course of action for Humanity is to seek out a new place to call home. Several colonies were sent out to different planets, each marked as a potential new home. In their search, Colony #9 began to have unexpected issues as it entered one of the candidate planet's atmospheres... A group of the travelers survived, and have created what is now known as Habitat 9.

You can read more about our project down below!

Sumadah Monastery

 The monastery is a place the monks call home. Peaceful and quiet, left alone to practice their beliefs with no more than a breeze to break their concentration. These monks stay secluded to their mountains, unsure how to feel as the village at the foot of the mountain continues to grow larger and larger...

You can read more about our project and how we made it down below!

Sapphire Studios Minecraft build team project
Minecraft marketplace skin sapphire studios

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